Myth No#9:Work hard vs Work smart

Needless to say nowadays you have to find a way to somehow do both, and what I mean by that you’re either good at one or the other so you have to find a way to leverage what you’re already good at in order to be able to do the other.

Damn right confusing right? Let me explain:

Because you lack either one or the other you think that optimizing your life in order to get good at the other will do the trick and well that’s like optimizing your life to shower or even better to … pee.

And what I mean by that … in order to be successful you need to stack on these traits and when I say stack I mean you have to put them to work together one on top of the other and everything in between:

  • organization(take your time to develop a schedule)
  • perfectionism(take your time to recheck everything to always seek improvement)
  • diligence(hard work)
  • risk management(ability to take the right decision in the right perspective)

And the last trait is exactly why you need to be HONEST with yourself and admit that you are BRAINWASHED/LOST and in order to be successful you not only need to work on your mindset but you have to work on the right mindset and that can only be thought by a true MENTOR who already has transformed himself from a loser to a winner, from a zero to a hero.

But then you might ask: What if he is to busy to mentor me?

And the solutions are in layers/levels that you have to understand their value and their TRUE worth:

— read their articles/blog/books

— enroll in their EDUCATION/CONSULTING programs

—find a way to work for and/or with THEM.

But the question then becomes: How do you spot HiM?

And the answer is … everything he does(or almost everything) is created by the win/win MINDSET.

Let me explain. Let’s say … you’re simply overweight and use this example as an analogy:

The Loser in you: I have to take a magic pill/treatment or something no matter what it costs and seek the change in the most rapid way( a classic lose-lose situation you pay a lot to do something that won’t give you the results you expect, at least NOT on the sustainable long term and you will learn nothing from the process).

The Average in you:I have to pay for a good gym trainer(a classic win-lose situation you buy knowledge/results and pay with your time&$).

The Winner in you:I really like bicycling so why don’t I get a part-time bicycle courier job, get it?(a win/win mindset, I exercise to stay fit how I want and enjoy and in the same time get payed to do it, isn’t that awesome ?!).

PS. And what this translates to is actually to a key skill you need to develop which is leverage as in this example you would be using your job as a leverage tool/system to both make $ and improve/keep your health.

PPS. Must WATCH this video bellow that pretty much confirms all stated above by world class marketer Tai Lopez and begin to act on changing your mindset and life habits:

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So COMMIT first in CHANGING your MINDSET and take your time to read the 10 STEPS to climb ENTREPRENEURSHIP series!

Take a leap forward and use my system to develop the right mindset and buy “The MiNDSET game” e-book here!




PM | Growth MiNDSET & Productivity addict

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PM | Growth MiNDSET & Productivity addict

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