Step No#2: Become SELFAWARE

10 STEPS to climb in order to transition yourself from an EMPLOYEE to an ENTREPRENEUR


The ECONOMY is broken.The job market is even more FUBAR!

The traditional education system is LOST beyond recognition.

The likelihood of these two changing for the better in your life cycle is getting slimmer by the day.

Technology is eating jobs at a far more rapid pace than it is creating them!

With the opening of the global availability of services and the big number of highly skilled people competing for the fewer and fewer jobs is squeezing out salaries, employment and quality of life for the middle class like never before.One thing is for sure as the number of people living on this planet is growing the offer of labor is a LOT SMALLER than the actual DEMAND for the “labor itself”.This coupled with the advancements of technology is causing business to need fewer and fewer employees causing the middle class to shrink at levels never seen before. YOU will eventually be either small time(poor) or if you will be so “fortunate” to switch polls to the rich side.

BUT this is the BAD news.NEVER focus on what you can not change!

Instead what you should focus on is SELFAWARENESS!


The GOOD news is that you can choose to be prepared for what it is coming, you can choose to be the player and NOT the one being played YOU can choose to be the hunter and NOT the pray!

The UPSIDE is you can start leveraging the same technological advancements that are causing these macro events to slowly but steadily generate improvements for your current situation and start your own part-time gig to switch your mind and focus on generating more income at the press of the button … there is a catch though … once you hit the ENTER button you are competing globally so you better have those skills needed to monetize that gig really polished because NUMBERS(sales) don’t LIE so you better choose carefully your battle field!

PS. If YOU agree but DON’t know WHERE to start go back and read again STEP#1 after you check out this article here !

PPS. If you’re truly lost in terms of SELFAWARENESS I recommend you taking the Myers-Briggs test that can help you grasp your bearings here !

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