HOW to properly JumpSTART your DREAM project

Lessons learned the #hardway

F you have a passion, a hobby or just a skill that you want it transformed into a project, a product and may be a business you should be aware that you should couple your efforts not only on the product/project development and marketing but also on the strategy/business side and also in the same time be backing it all on the personal development side of things( the right mindset +the proper education+applied skills |as conveyed inThe MiNDSET game)for it is the only way of increasing your chances of success and shifting your mind to learning what YOU need from your failures so, take your time to read on …

FIRST STEP you should try to do is figure out what the main idea will look like how will it help your target audience(customers) and how you will generate enough $ to make it sustainable, in what legal form(even if that implies volunteering in an NGO)and what are the different pieces that need to work together in order to achieve that.

This can be actually be done pretty easily by completing the LEAN BUSINESS CANVAS available in the first sheet of #TractionDEVframework available here.

The “BP — Stage I” sheet will look like this, just go to the top left menu to

File ->Make a copy and answer the specific questions bellow each block !

“BP-stage I” sheet

And please note that each answer is an assumption on your part that is not yet validated, but it will give you a framework where you will begin the process of validating your own project assumptions piece by piece.

SECOND STEP is figuring out what YOU can do to improve your project based on your existing skills, what you will probably need in the future(in terms of co-founders, partners, collaborators etc.), but also what obstacles lie ahead by completing a SWOT analysis and conducting your own data-driven market research

that you can also complete in the 2nd sheet that will look like this:


Important thing to note here is that after completing your SWOT you might gain some valuable insights that might help you also validate some of the assumptions you made by completing your BP-stage I.

STEP 3 is getting your feet wet in designing some proper experiments needed to find out what would be the right marketing channels that might be used in order to gain the right traction for your project and the budgets behind keeping the right momentum going

that you can also complete in the 3rd sheet of the #TractionDEVframework called “Marketing/plan” and begin completing the dashboard from 1 to 19 from left to right from the STRATEGY column by actually doing the validating work with real data. Needless to say it is a process that will take some time but in turn will help you gain the much needed know-how in order to actually validate the Business Plan.


STEP 4 is comprised in assessing what works and in what amount and also, taking the educated decision of focusing and scaling on what actually makes more sense in terms of effort(resources) and results.

ALL those STEPS will NOT guarantee you the creation of “the PERFECT plan” but, rather than that, will position you on the right path of formulating a proper Business Plan that works BEFORE running OUT of RESOURCES.

PS. — If you have further questions about the tool and how to use it properly leave a comment bellow with your project twitter pitch and an e-mail as I plan to begin a FREE consulting session in the next year to help me get feedback and consolidate furter this MVP.

PPS. If you are a lazy person as I am and you rather enjoy better the video format here is the link to this article video :)

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